How to get our DVR Service free

Via our referral program you can get free DVR service for our 5 basic channels. For the first friend that signs up (for a free or paid plan), you will get our DVR service with 4 items to record. For each additional friend that signs up, your storage will be increased by an additional 4 items.  So for example if 5 friends sign-up you will get DVR service with 20 shows of permanent storage space. This means that you can have up to 20 recorded shows or shows scheduled to be recorded. Once you reach 20 recorded programs, just delete shows you've watched to free up more space.

In order to get credit for each sign-up, you must click here so that we may generate a custom link to share with your friends. When your DVR has been activated, clicking on the rec button for any of the basic channels will work as will clicking on the Recordings and Schedules tab. You can check your number of referrals (points) at any time by going to your account page.

This DVR service applies to our basic 5 channels and will work only on those channels even if you have our All Channel Plan without DVR. If you currently have our All Channel plan with DVR or upgrade to it you will be able to redeem your referral points for special perks and privileges (to be announced).

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